Braces create space for dental implants -

Braces create space for dental implants

braces create space for dental implants

Braces help keep your teeth alignment in the arch. Most cases of orthodontic braces often need to be teeth removed. The purpose of creating a suitable space to pull the teeth into the desired position. However, are there any situations need orthodontic for dental implants? For example, braces create space for dental implants.

In fact, braces create space for dental implants are not uncommon.

In some cases, patients may have deviated teeth and also lose their teeth. Or the gap between teeth is too large, and there is a shortage of teeth. The doctor can then combine orthodontic and dental implant.

Refer to the specific situation as follows: Tooth #6 is lost, tooth #7 is tilted toward the empty space and the tooth shaft is rotated. This case has 2 solutions:

  • Method 1: Grinding teeth 5 and 7 to make bridges. Tooth number 7 may need to treat dental pulp before make porcelain crown.
  • Method 2: Braces create space for dental Implants (tooth #6). Now you need braces to create an appropriate space between tooth 7 and tooth number 5. At the same time, braces to adjust the axis of tooth number 7. Braces won’t need intervention root canal treatment. Maximum preservation of real teeth. Simultaneously in this situation, minivis can be used to increase the effectiveness of braces and shorten the maximum time.

There are still many other situations that need braces create space for dental implants. When evaluating the effectiveness of treatments and time factors; Your doctor will help you determine which is the best option for your actual condition.

Braces create space for dental implants, is it difficult?

You don’t need to worry about being assigned this method. Because the steps will be applied sequentially one by one.

Usually, doctors will perform braces first. Attach brackets to the teeth, and move the teeth into the desired positions. In some orthodontic cases, although you are losing teeth, but if you need to create space for other positions, the extraction is still done.

After the teeth have moved smoothly, and the arch of the jaw has become more beautiful. The space needed for the dental implant is well prepared, the doctor will conduct the dental implant for you.

Thus, the whole process of combining braces create space for dental implants is not too difficult.

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