Aesthetic dental fillings with composite - Things to know -

Aesthetic dental fillings with composite – Things to know

Aesthetic dental fillings with composite - Things to know

Aesthetic dental fillings are a great help for patients who are suffering from a bad tooth condition, dental caries, or small damage teeth. Nowadays, aesthetic dental fillings with composite are very popular, because this method make teeth is beautiful but also protect the teeth. For more detail, please refer to the information below.

First, we need to know what are aesthetic dental fillings with composite?

Composite fillings compound are a kind of material that can replace your real tooth tissue in the area of ​​deformation. This synthetic material has been used so widely in dentistry since the 1960s and there have been many improvements to date.

Composite can be used to fill the front and rear teeth. Depending on the fill location, the composite type requirements will vary.

If the purpose of aesthetic dental fillings with composite in the front teeth area is obviously aesthetic factors are placed on top. At the same time, the doctor will use a composite of high surface gloss as well as color completely compatible with the color of the patient’s teeth.

And if you use the filling for the rear teeth, the compression force plus the strength will be prioritized.

In general, composite materials used to make aesthetics create a good denture, and are not toxic to the body.

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Aesthetic dental fillings with composite – Things to know

Outstanding features of aesthetic dental fillings with composite compared to the old method?

Dental composite itself is a synthetic material that has many advantages. So when used in the field of aesthetic will produce results of high quality.

Compared to classic dental fillings with Amalgam, aesthetic dental fillings with composite will have:

  • Superior aesthetics, color patches similar to tooth color.
  • Advantage in operation: Because the compound is in plastic form, it is easy to shape, mold and cover evenly defects of teeth (regardless of type of fillings cavity)
  • Tensile strength after activation is frozen at the treatment area. Depending on the location of the filling, if the area has chewing function, the seal is able to withstand quite good pressure, solid, sticky like real dental tissue. If in the aesthetic area, the fillings will be as glossy as your enamel of teeth, good reflectivity and real eye will not be distinguishable.
  • Safety: This is a benign substance that does not release any irritant to the tissue of the gums or mouth.
  • Convenient for patients: with relatively low treatment costs, suitable for almost all subjects in society. Thus, the popularity of aesthetic dental filling method is enhanced.

Thus, with the outstanding features above, it is enough to see that this method is suitable for patients who need to restore the teeth having problems such as cracked surface, broken, lack of enamel, shape of tooth is too small, sparse teeth…

Some notes in the method: aesthetic dental fillings with composite?

The great advantages of this method are that you are already aware of the above share. However, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • This is a method to bring you a beauty quickly, conveniently and very unexpectedly with great results. But because of the nature of the material, after a period of use, you will have to deal with the bad smell of the breath because the fillings is infused with saliva.
  • On the other hand, the structure of this material is expansive when exposed to heat. There should be an inconsistency between tooth enamel and fillings, which can create the micro-loophole. And there is the risk of peeling. Therefore, you need to visit the doctor and replace the other fillings after 1-2 years of use (depending on the position of the dental treatment and the technology of dental fillings teeth initially)
  • Oral care after fillings: Immediately after filling, avoid hot or cold food, sticky or hard food. During the first 2-3 days should choose the soft food, moderate temperature (cool down as possible). If you have pain after the filling, you should go back to the clinic immediately.
  • Oral hygiene after aesthetic dental fillings: Follow your doctor’s instructions, brush your teeth properly, periodically check every 6 months and remove your tartar. It is possible to massage the gingival area at the aesthetic dental fillings area for good blood circulation.

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