If I had dental implant then can have any braces? -

If I had dental implant then can have any braces?

If I had dental implant then can have any braces?

In a number of situations involving orthodontic treatment, there are few cases where patients should be treated in combination with other methods. Some questions were asked by patients, asking if they had dental implant then can have any braces? And Quoc Binh dental clinic also give some informations in solving this problem.

As you know, dental implant are implanted in permanent jawbone, this implant is very sturdy and not able to move like real teeth. Therefore, if you had dental implant then can have any braces or not will depend on the position of the implant that you have.

The nature of the orthodontic process is the displacement of the teeth in the wrong position to the correct position. And in this process will need specialized tools such as braces, steel wire, jaw trays … all over the teeth, traction force – push and move the teeth. As a result of this process, the teeth are more beautiful and the bite is more accurate.

So, in principle, you can clearly see the opposite in moving the dental implant and orthodontic. If you have dental implants located in the aesthetic area (such as the incisors area), it is unlikely that you will orthodontic treatment. However, if the implant is located at the position of the molars, the orthodontic treatment may be considered.

At each individual situation, there will be different processing directions. Orthodontic techniques are also varied, depending on the status of each orthodontic area that the orthodontist will adjust the direction, axis, and force accordingly.

If you had dental implant then can have any braces or not, you must have a specialist in implants and in orthodontic will checkup and consultation clearly.

Some notes for patients who are experiencing situations such as: Teeth being sparse, or are deviated, and loss of teeth (regardless of position) and want to improve the situation by orthodontic or implant dental restorations.

Before choosing to perform orthodontic treatment or dental implants, need to consult:

Implantologists, orthodontists to coordinate the best solution for you.

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