Is a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction necessary? -

Is a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

Is a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

Blood testing is an important and mandatory step before every surgery, whether large or small. Is there a need for a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction? Is it dangerous to ignore this? Let’s take a look below.

What is the purpose of a blood test?

Blood tests help determine the actual condition of the patient right before surgery is needed. Health indicators through blood tests will show whether the patient is normal; Or are experiencing unusual disorders, or have other medical conditions.

Especially helping to redefine some diseases such as anemia, blood cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease … infectious diseases

Is a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction necessary?
Is a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

So what are the benefits of having a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction?

From the above information, the dentist can consider the possibility of safe and effective treatment when performing wisdom tooth extraction solution. For example, for patients with cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, any type of surgery needs to be carefully considered.

A blood test before wisdom tooth extraction can also help you make the right decision to choose the right clinic for extraction. Because if your health is normal, there are no dangerous background diseases, you can have minor surgery to remove wisdom teeth at private dental centers. But if you are suffering from serious diseases (need to be well controlled during dental surgery), you need to go to a hospital with a dental department.

In addition, patients with blood-borne infectious diseases should also be clearly identified. This helps the doctor’s team to respond best in all situations during tooth extraction surgery.

The importance of blood tests before tooth extraction is also to determine whether the blood condition is responsive to surgery. If the patient is suffering from hemophilia, the surgery will face many complications. Therefore, for this object, it is recommended that you go to the Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology for wisdom tooth surgery.

Is it necessary to fast before a blood test for wisdom tooth extraction?

Most cases before blood tests require the patient to fast. Because the minerals, protein, sugar … in food can cause false test results.

So, if you want the results of blood test for tooth extraction to be highly accurate, you should fast before taking blood. Any other changes to the test will depend on your dental surgeon’s request.

At Quoc Binh Dental Clinic, all doctors adhere to safety regulations for patients when coming to wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Therefore, doctors always ask patients to have a blood test before wisdom tooth extraction. After the test results are available, the dentist will evaluate the situation, and make the most appropriate treatment decision.

Performing minor surgery to remove wisdom teeth at Quoc Binh Dental Clinic in Vung Tau is always safe and effective.

  • Dentistry invests in a system of machinery and medical equipment that meets European standards. Tooth extraction is not traumatic, minimizes pain, and supports quick healing.
  • Team of skilled doctors, careful, meticulous, always attentive before – during – after the treatment process.

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