Is the electric toothbrush good for teeth as the rumors say? -

Is the electric toothbrush good for teeth as the rumors say?

Electric toothbrush is good for teeth?

Dental care is an important step in protecting your health. In which, choosing the right toothbrush suitable for your age and oral health is essential. Nowadays many people talk about electric toothbrush and there are many compliments. So this type of brush is good for teeth as rumor?

First, we need to understand the purpose of daily brushing.

Brushing is the act of using a toothbrush to remove food, soft plaque remaining around the teeth and in the mouth.

Toothpaste acts to neutralize the acid produced by bacteria fermenting the remaining food in the mouth.

Combining both factors above will help eliminate the risk of tooth decay, gingivitis …

The traditional conventional toothbrush is a simple toothbrush with no power source. With a variety of designs and colors, the price is relatively suitable for everyone.

How is the electric toothbrush different from traditional toothbrushes?

Electronic toothbrush first appeared in the US in 1938, and made a very special mark in the field of oral hygiene care.

This type of brush has a fast-moving and fully automatic head.

The toothbrush head can be rotated back and forth on its own, or rotated to help clean teeth effectively.

The brush body will be designed to charge the rotating motor with rechargeable batteries or primary batteries.

In the market we have many choices from simple mechanical movements, to the form of using sound waves to clean teeth.

Is the electric toothbrush good for teeth as the rumors say?
Is the electric toothbrush good for teeth as the rumors say?

@According to dental experts, the electronic toothbrush can be useful for some subjects such as

  • Children
  • Difficult hand maneuvers
  • People are braces
  • And people with a habit of being lazy to brush their teeth

Some advantages and disadvantages can be compared between these 2 brushes:



Regular Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush Regular Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush
–          Inexpensive

–          Diverse designs, many colors, many types of brush heads

–          Easy to take anywhere

–          No power or battery required

–          Easy to buy and replace when broken or lost

–          Easy to use for kids and seniors,

–          Suitable for people with braces,

–          Or someone who has wrist pain / stiffness

–          Convenient for both inactive people

–          Combined movements at the brush tip for better tooth cleaning

–          There is a timer to signal completion of a standard 2-minute brushing procedure.

–          No timer

–          It takes proper brushing techniques to clean

–          Brushing with uncontrollable force damages the gums and teeth

–          High costs

–          Always need a power source or battery

–          Easy to damage, and to replace it costs an extra high cost

So is an electric toothbrush better than a regular toothbrush?

In fact, the brush is not 100% determinant of perfect brushing. The important factor here is the person who uses the brush.

People with the right tooth brushing technique are decisive to the quality of oral hygiene.

Although electric toothbrush promote many advantages over regular toothbrush; But that doesn’t mean that electric brushes will in all cases give better results than regular brushes.

Regardless of the type of toothbrush you use, keep in mind that the minimum brushing time is 2 minutes. At the same time replace the brush or brush head periodically every 3 months.

@ Some notes when choosing the electric toothbrush head

  • Conventional rotating brush heads provide basic cleaning of teeth.
  • The rotating brush tip combines vibrations for both basic to intensive cleaning.
  • The brush tip has soft bristles to help soften the sensitive tooth area.
  • The brush head is divided into many areas with each other specific functions such as both cleaning and having a rubber shaft for polishing teeth. Help whiten teeth and full of vitality.

So, whether it is a regular toothbrush or an electronic toothbrush, it is very important to choose the right brush tip for your dental condition.

Should periodically visit the dentist to prevent oral diseases; At the same time, combining a reasonable oral hygiene care regime will help you always have good health.


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