Why do dental experts recommend gargling with diluted salt water? -

Why do dental experts recommend gargling with diluted salt water?

Gargle with diluted salt water

Diluted salt water suddenly becomes a “miracle” solution when almost all dental care professionals encourage you to use them. So what are the benefits of gargling with diluted salt water? Let’s find out together below.

Salt is an indispensable spice in daily life. It can exist in dry crystalline form; Or distributed as a soluble ingredient in food (tasting when cooking); Or disinfectant solution, food preservative …

Why do dental experts recommend gargling with diluted salt water?
Why do dental experts recommend gargling with diluted salt water?

The diluted brine that we often refer to has the main ingredient of sodium chloride (NaCl) salt that is dissolved in water. Because salt has antiseptic properties, the salt solution can inhibit the growth of bacteria. And since then, the effect of salt water has been widely spread in many fields.

What are the benefits of diluted salt water in protecting oral health?

Diluted saline solution in different proportions will be suitable for many different purposes. For oral care, 0.9% is the recommended rate for gargling.

@ Diluted salt water helps reduce pain and swelling, reduce inflammation in the mouth after surgery or after tooth extraction. In addition, it also helps limit tooth decay, reduce tartar, reduce swelling of gingivitis …

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@ Salt water helps limit bad breath.

If bad breath originates in the oral cavity, gargling with diluted salt water can help limit this condition. Because salt water inhibits the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity. Salt water mixed in the right proportion will be extremely safe, both not causing damage to the oral mucosa and good anti-bacterial.

@ Limit the appearance of mouth ulcers.

Surely all of us have experienced 1 or several times of pain from sores and mouth ulcers. This condition makes it difficult to eat, drink, talk, and sometimes even sleep. However, if properly diluted salt water is used, it will effectively limit the above situation.

@ Hygiene of the oropharynx.

When the environment is dusty, or in the transition of seasons, we often experience discomfort in the pharynx, the tonsils …

In addition to drug treatment, we can prevent or alleviate irritation (coughing) by gargling with diluted salt water.

Salt water also helps loosen phlegm and relieve nasal congestion.

How to gargle with diluted salt water??

First, you must make sure that the diluted saline solution is the right concentration. Because if the amount of salt is more, it may cause blistering of the oral mucosa, lips, cheeks …

  • Take an amount of solution equivalent to 20-25ml (depending on how large or small the oral cavity is).
  • Keeping the above amount of salt water, gargle around in the mouth, or gargle the back of the throat. Duration about 30-60 seconds and spit out of the mouth. You can rinse your mouth for the second and third time with a longer time than the first time. However, the salt water should not be left in the mouth for longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Finally, you rinse with clean water to remove the remaining salt water in the mouth.

Some note:

  • Do not abuse too many times using salt water in a day.
  • And always rinse with clean water to remove excess salt water in the mouth.
  • Choose a pre-made saline solution that is sold at a drugstore. If you make your own, you need to follow the correct ratio and the source of the ingredients (salt, water) must be clean.
  • Do not drink salt water.

Instructions on how to make your own salt water at home

Prepare the ingredients as follows: 9 grams of clean salt and a liter of sterile distilled water, a clean bottle to store the solution after mixing.

  • If distilled water is not available, cooled boiled water can be used (covered cleanly).
  • Salt should be purchased with a clear origin to avoid products with many impurities.

Wash hands thoroughly before preparing. All preparation equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Dissolve the salt in the water, stir until completely dissolved, filter again and pour into a clean bottle with a lid. Then you can use it right away.

Homemade solution can be used for 15 days, if after that time you do not use it all, you should re-mix the new solution.

Note: often when making our own, we tend to mix more salt than necessary. Or the materials used are not “clean” as expected. Therefore, for safety and convenience, it is best to use physiological saline bottles sold at drugstores.


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