What causes pain under a crowned tooth? -

What causes pain under a crowned tooth?

What causes pain under a crowned tooth?

After restoring a new tooth, you think the teeth will bring great feeling. However, you experience an unexpected problem; That is the situation of pain under a crowned tooth. So, what are the causes? And is there any treatment available? Let’s find out shortly.

The causes of pain under a crowned tooth can be due to:

  1. The oral pathology hasn’t been thoroughly treated before making porcelain crown.

This is a very important note. Strictly controlled oral pathologies and thorough treatment will make the porcelain dental process safer. Helping reduce the risk of infection and minimize the situation of pain under a crowned tooth.

Some of the common dental diseases you encounter:

@ Gingivitis, periodontitis. This is a common disease and if not treated carefully, it will shake and weaken the root. Causing infection, have pain under a crowned tooth and possibly loss of that tooth.

@ Pulpitis. In cases of genuine teeth with root infection but not treated thoroughly and then covered with porcelain crown. As a result, the porcelain crowns will surely hurt due to irritation, and re-infection in the pulp chamber.

@ Caries. This is a common disease and the consequences are also serious. When the tooth decay area has not been thoroughly cleaned and handled safely, the bacteria will continue to grow. And they continue to attack the real tooth tissue, causing pulpitis (if the tooth hasn’t been repaired). Since then it caused the condition of pain under a crowned tooth

What causes pain under a crowned tooth?
What causes pain under a crowned tooth?
  1. The process of making porcelain crown isn’t up to standard, so it is possible that the cause of pain under a crowned tooth.

Making good porcelain crown doesn’t work well for everyone. The health of a porcelain crowns depends heavily on the skill of a physician.

The tooth grinding technique must be accurate, meticulously manipulated, minimize risks.

If you grind your teeth with an inappropriate rate, attach a crown that doesn’t fit closely; Or attach the crown have a bulging, causing pain when chewing. Then after a period of use your new tooth will appear prolonged pain.

  1. The condition of pain under a crowned tooth may also be due to the health of your real tooth is weak.

With single porcelain crown, or even when making bridges. If your real teeth are not strong, then you will have pain under a crowned tooth after restoration which is obvious.

The process of chewing food, strong and regular force will make teeth more sensitive. Not to mention the abrasion of real tooth tissue also makes it easier for bacteria to invade and attack.

Dental care habits also contribute to the process of increasing or reducing the negative impact on porcelain crowns. Improper hygiene or poor hygiene will create conditions for bacterial growth and harm.

So how to treat the pain under a crowned tooth?

@Prevention is better than cure.

  • Should periodic dental examination 6 months/ time.
  • Do not arbitrarily take pain medication without a checkup and diagnose exactly why your tooth is painful.
  • Diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, … should be cured before you want to make porcelain crown.
  • Keep good oral hygiene, brush your teeth at least 2 times/ day. Combined flossing and non-alcoholic mouthwash.
  • Give up smoking habit. Because smoking contributes to damaging oral health.
  • Limit chewing foods that are too hard or tough to avoid causing cracked teeth, or damage to the surrounding buffer tissue

@ How to handle when have pain under a crowned tooth

Adjust your porcelain crown if you experience a bulging, painful condition.

Remove the crown and treat inflammatory diseases remaining inside teeth thoroughly.

If the root of the tooth is too weak, it could not serve as a support post for porcelain bridges. Then the advice for you should choose to restore new teeth by dental implant solution. Dental Implant helps to keep the jawbone and preserve nearby teeth; And both the function and aesthetics of the Implant are perfect like real teeth.

Finally, it is necessary to check-up and perform new teeth at prestigious dental centers.

Protecting oral health is also protecting your whole body health. Healthy teeth will eat well, sleep well, fresh spirit, happy life.


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