The effective solution for weight loss situation when braces. -

The effective solution for weight loss situation when braces.

The result of orthodontic braces will help us get straight teeth and a beautiful smile. However, during the course of treatment, you will have to live with orthodontic instruments and overcome the initial time to get used to the changes. In particular, the problem of weight loss situation when braces are more interested by many young patients.

What are the causes and remedies for this condition?

First, let’s look at the causes of weight loss situation when braces:

At the beginning of treatment, the teeth are affected by the traction of the instruments, leading to the body slightly uncomfortable. In adults, teeth can be a little painful, strange feeling in the mouth makes eating more difficult than before. You will eat less and not get enough nutrients, resulting in weight loss situation when braces.

In addition, there are situation before the braces, you are assigned to extract the teeth, this pain also affects the sensation of your body. It also causes you to eat less and the body will lose weight than you want.

Another cause which many people contribute ideas, when wearing braces, after eating, food in the gap between teeth … making oral hygiene will be harder than usual, and create lazy psychology eating.

There are other causes beyond the cause of orthodontic braces will not be mentioned here (due to other pathological aspects of the body)

How to overcome weight loss situation when braces:

Depending on the cause of the problem, your doctor will give you the best advice. However, we may note some of the following:

  • If you are experiencing pain in the early stages of treatment, your body will soon get used to it after about 1 month. Then you can return to normal eating, fuller diet and weight will no longer decline.
  • As before, some foods you eat are very comfortable, but when braces, it becomes difficult to chew because feel it’s big and tough, you can cut them out, or soften …to reduce tearing, grinding, discomfort (uncomfortable psychology will make you have anorexia)
  • About oral hygiene: Of course you need to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth after every meal. But to be comfortable with this, you need to prepare your toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash … this is how you can brush the plaque in the teeth or on the braces fast and effective.
  • If your diet is normal, but your body is still losing weight, then you need a general health check to find and treat other conditions.
The effective solution for weight loss situation when braces.
The effective solution for weight loss situation when braces.

Food suggestions provide enough nutrients prevent weight loss situation when braces

Among the countless delicious dishes are grilled chicken leg, grilled ribs, beefsteak … when you braces will not necessarily remove all of them from your menu. Simply change the way you process, so you have limited chewing but still loaded with nutrients as well as your favorite.

You should prioritize the following foods:

  • Dairy foods: fresh milk, cheese, yogurt (added a little chopped fruit will be more interesting)
  • Protein foods: eggs (boiled, rolled vegetables …), fish, meat (remember chopped or stewed soft to not chewing much)
  • Green vegetables, fruit: chopped or fruit juice provides many vitamins.
  • You can also use grains to change the taste of your meals.
  • If you are a fan of bread, you can still choose soft, easily soluble, easy to swallow breads.

Thus, the information shared above has partly helped you to answer the questions about weight loss situation when the braces. And certainly, the doctor who treats you will also have many other helpful tips.

Wish you through the difficult period early and soon have beautiful smile.

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