7 memorable experience braces -

7 memorable experience braces

7 memorable experience braces

Braces are a great solution to help correct the deviations in the teeth while keeping the maximum level of oral safety. And if you choose this solution, immediately save 7 memorable experience braces right here.

If you know more and more experience braces will help you feel more secure, and have the best preparation steps for the upcoming treatment process.

1.What age braces easy to bring effective quickly?

According to experts, children in the mixed tooth stage are considered the golden time for orthodontic.

At this stage, the jaw bone is not fully developed, so the teeth will be moved very easily.

But if you’re past the golden phase, then you should decide on braces as soon as possible. This will help the orthodontic time not last long and the effect is still as expected.

2.Are braces required for tooth extraction?

Not all patients with braces need an extraction. Extractions on braces will usually apply to adults.

Because in children, the gaps in the arch of the jaw still remain, so it is relatively easier to move the teeth evenly.

But in adults, all are complete, and when the teeth deviate, it is necessary to extract the teeth to create space for the placement.

This is a general experience not just the experience braces.

3.Many people are afraid of braces, especially braces because of fear that this process causes pain. So how is the truth? Add 1 experience braces you need to know.

It is not true to say that the braces do not cause pain or discomfort at all.

According to practical experience braces that you have gone through, in the first 1-2 weeks after attaching the braces tool, there will often be a strange feeling in the mouth. The teeth are slightly sensitivity, some of you feel a little pain. These feelings will soon end so let’s not worry too much.

The above feelings indicate that our teeth are beginning to respond to the novel effects of the treatment. And the braces do absolutely no harm to your tooth structure and bones.

4.How long does the braces last for?

According to the experience of experts, the process of braces will go through many stages. Each stage will take some time to change teeth according to the treatment schedule. On average, the orthodontic time will be from 12 to 24 months, depending on the initial deviation of the teeth.

With children in the age of replacing teeth, the teeth adjustment will be based on the development of the jawbone and teeth. Therefore, the orthodontic time will last during the tooth replacement process.

As for adults, the duration of treatment will change when

  • With or without tooth extraction
  • Age of implementation
  • Care and compliance with doctor’s orders
  • Braces technique


There are situations where the treatment will last more than 24 months.

5.Experience braces to help a better treatment process is the correct way to clean teeth.

@ How to choose a brush when orthodontic?

Should choose for yourself a variety of brushes to help clean teeth and brush teeth effectively.

For example, you can choose a brush with a small tip to easily slip into the mouth (when there are many brackets in the mouth). You can also choose interdental brush with the tip is only about 2mm wide.

interdental brush - 7 memorable experience braces
interdental brush – 7 memorable experience braces

Or more conveniently, we can use the water floss; With continuous or intermittent spraying water, it helps to clean the teeth slit and massage the gums.

Water Floss - 7 memorable experience braces
Water Floss – 7 memorable experience braces

@ Combine a brush with floss to increase the cleaning effect

Experience braces with braces is that you need to combine brushing and flossing to get rid of the remaining food plates.

One more small note: when brushing, avoid brushing hard can make braces loose.

6.Diet should be formulated to help the process of braces more effective?

To ensure the nutrients are fully loaded and help the orthodontic time not be prolonged, you should have a reasonable diet.

  • Food should be softened and cut into small pieces.
  • Avoid foods that are tough, sticky, and difficult to clean.
  • You should eat dairy products, foods rich in calcium … and vegetables, fruits…

7.Experience braces the last to be mentioned is to immediately remove bad habits that affect the process of braces.

For example: Tongue pushing, habit of using a toothpick, habit of cutting nails or biting hard objects…

Above are 7 valuable experiences for you to prepare for orthodontic braces. Remember and apply appropriately to help the most optimal orthodontic effect.

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