Removable denture on the Implant for the elderly. -

Removable denture on the Implant for the elderly.

Removable denture on the Implant for the elderly.

When the elderly loss a lot of teeth and can’t eat, this will have a great impact on the overall health. Therefore, the solution to help the elderly restore their eating function is very important. In particular, the removable denture on the Implant for the elderly received much attention.

There are many solutions for new teeth; But with the characteristics that the elderly often loss a lot of teeth, the option to restore teeth is usually in the following solutions:

  • Basic removable denture
  • Removable denture on the Implant
  • Fixed denture on the Implant

Each of the above options will depend on each specific situation and the actual needs of each customer.

In previous articles, we have learned about the basic removable denture. In today’s content, experts will provide you with more information about the removable denture on the Implant.

What is the removable denture on the implant for the elderly?

As you know, the elderly tend to lose a lot of teeth; Some people have completely lost their teeth, and some people only have a few sporadic ones on the arch of the jaw that do not ensure the chewing function.

If you use the basic removable denture, it will quickly spoil, loosen, fall while eating or talking. Therefore, choosing a solution as a removable denture on the implant will be a great decision.

When the tooth is lost for a long time, the jaw bone usually disappears gradually, the gums also shrink and the healing speed will slow down.

Implant replacement for real teeth to support the upper denture will help the elderly eat better.

The connection between the Implant and the denture can be a ball-head connection cylinder or a horizontal bar. And this connecting cylinder is attached to the denture by some closely linked snap head.

@ Typically in the elderly often use mini Implant to support the removable denture. Usually use 2-4 mini implants per jaw.

Advantages of this solution:

  • It is possible to implant teeth for subjects with a large volume of jaw bone loss. Bad condition, unable to transplant jaw bone.
  • Time to perform quickly, gently, quickly heal
  • Cost savings because it will reduce the number of implants.
  • Easy to clean dentures helps to keep the oral cavity clean.

Cons: get in/ out the dentures many times will result the snap head (in the jaw base) after years of use need reinforcement.

Why should the elderly choose removable denture on the Implant?

Alveolar ridge increasingly disappear will not be able to keep dentures well as implant pillars. Even when the elderly has real teeth, some of those real teeth are weak and unable to support the dentures.

Mini Implants (2-4 cylinders) are implanted symmetrically close to each other, or trapezoid to create the best support force for the denture. Or place it in the position determined by the specialist most suitable for the actual condition of the patient.

Removable denture on the Implant for the elderly.
Removable denture on the Implant for the elderly.

The removable denture will help to clean the contact area easily. Avoid food stuffing causing stench in the patient’s mouth. At the same time, it is also easy to clean the gum and the area between the Implant and the denture; Helps limit inflammation, and effectively uses long-lasting dentures.

Note: For patients in the jaw bone area can attach 4 pillars of Implant (normal type), it is possible to apply the solution of fixed dentures on the Implant. The fixed teeth will help increase the durability and high chewing efficiency.

Find out more about the solution of using a fixed denture on Implant for the elderly.

For the elderly, even if they lose many teeth, but if the jaw bone width still has enough place for transplantation (normal Implant type), this solution can be chosen.

Also used 4-6 Implants plug in the most suitable positions and fixed links with the above denture. Here is the solution called “All on 4” or “All on 6”.

This is a solution that should be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor to prevent complications that damage the maxillary sinus or pinch the nerve of the teeth.

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