Are the broken incisors easy to restore? -

Are the broken incisors easy to restore?

Are the broken incisors easy to restore?

The broken incisors are not uncommon. Among the patients who come to the dentist because of broken teeth, most of them are broken incisors. So why do people have broken front teeth, and is it easy to restore new teeth in this position?

The incisors are the tooth clusters located in the aesthetic position on the teeth. If this tooth area is damaged such as fracture, chipping, it will not only lose the aesthetics but also affect the function of the teeth.

The causes of broken incisors you should know

The front teeth are located at the front position, this is the place where it receives all impacts from the environment inside and outside the mouth.

@ Broken incisors can be caused by external influences.

In daily activities, there may be unexpected times that are not so lucky; You accidentally encounter harmful impacts such as traffic accidents, falls, impacts while playing sports … and the result are broken front teeth.

@ Broken teeth because teeth are no longer “alive”

Incisors are teeth with flat crowns, quite thin compared to other groups of teeth. And when this tooth is dead pulp, it becomes extremely weak. They are very easy to break horizontally or lose.

Signs that teeth are no longer alive: the color of the teeth changes from natural ivory white to gray or dark brown.

Broken incisors due to damaged dental pulp
Broken incisors due to damaged dental pulp

@ Erosion of pedicure teeth causing incisors fracture

Enamel wear is not uncommon. For patients who have weak tooth enamel disease, or eat sour foods … or have uncontrolled grinding of teeth. Or improper brushing will cause this.

Worn enamel will make you feel uncomfortable in daily activities because teeth are prone to sensitivity.

If there is no solution, this condition worsens, resulting in a tooth fracture.

Broken incisors due to worn the tooth
Broken incisors due to worn the tooth

Effects of broken incisors

The incisors play a quite important role in the overall face.

Broken incisors in fact affect many problems: facial aesthetics, and chewing function.

@ Broken teeth affect the aesthetics

For someone who lacks molars, you won’t be able to detect if they don’t open their mouth wide. But with front teeth it is different. Just parting the lips is nothing to conceal the “secret” of tooth loss.

Not only losing the balance of teeth, but losing teeth in the “front” area will affect the charm of your entire face.

Not to mention, if the tooth is lost for a long time without proper treatment, it will lead to bone resorption. The obvious manifestations of jaw bone resorption when the incisors are broken and the root is lost are: teeth displacement, face imbalance.

@ A tooth fracture affects the main function of the tooth, reducing the patient’s ability to eat and chew.

In the teeth, each tooth cluster has its own meaning and role.

If your molars are used to crush food before sending it to the stomach, the incisors hold the task of biting the food. When the incisors are gone, this function has to be pushed to another tooth and put more pressure on the other teeth. Food is not handled properly before being taken into the stomach, which can make the digestive system work harder.

Are the broken incisors easy to restore?

Tooth fracture or tooth loss no matter where it is, it is necessary to immediately recover treatment. This will minimize complications after tooth loss.

Currently, there are 2 preferred solutions for good efficiency such as:

@ Bridge porcelain teeth:

This is a method of using the remaining real teeth to support the interconnected porcelain teeth.

For example, if a patient has one missing tooth, the porcelain bridge will have at least 3 units. In which, the two outermost porcelain crowns will cover the real tooth pillars, while the solid porcelain crown will replace the missing tooth position.

If the number of adjacent missing teeth is more than 1 tooth, it is necessary to consider the number of ceramic crown units to make a suitable bridge.

Requirements: the real teeth used as support must be healthy teeth. And is ground to be able to wrap porcelain crowns on top.

@ Solution dental Implant: this is the current preeminent solution.

Dental Implant will have a structure corresponding to the real tooth. Including metal pillars implanted in the jawbone to replace the root. The ceramic crown above will replace the crown of teeth that you can see with your eyes.

Note: After implantation of titanium cylinder into the jaw bone, it takes a while for the implant to integrate with the bone to become a solid mass. Then the doctor can restock the porcelain crown and complete a new tooth.

This entire process does not affect neighboring teeth.

Please choose the solution that is most suitable for you

According to oral experts, Implant solutions today still dominate more than other solutions.

Because not only helps restore the function of eating, restore aesthetics, but also helps the jaw-bone not disappear. Thereby reducing false complications in the jaw bone structure and face.

In order to properly determine your condition, please check-up and consult a specialist.

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