Why have the dislocated teeth after removing the braces? -

Why have the dislocated teeth after removing the braces?

the dislocated teeth after removing the braces

The dislocated teeth after removing braces is not uncommon. This is also a topic that many people are interested and discussed. So where is the cause of this situation? Can fix this problem? Listen to the expert doctor’s share.

The cause of the dislocated teeth after removing the braces

Why do you need orthodontic? The main reason is that your original teeth are incorrectly erupting.

Orthodontic braces help correct the position of deviated teeth, adjust the bite joints, the jaw arch. From there, help teeth grow evenly and beautiful.

The duration of treatment with this solution should be a minimum of 12 months; And can last up to 24 months or 36 months … depending on the initial deviation of the teeth.

During the treatment process, the teeth are linked together by tools such as braces, bowstring … This connection helps the whole system work closely together. One tooth with a change will lead to the change of another tooth.

Thus, if done correctly and fully, the end result is always satisfied.

So, dislocated teeth after removing braces can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Due to inappropriate implementation techniques. The doctor may incorrectly position the impact, or because the pull is too strong or too weak.
  • Due to the patient teething, this leads to improper extrusion of neighboring teeth.
  • The patient removed the braces before the deadline, the orthodontic result was not stable, the root was not well fixed in the jawbone. So it is easy to lead to dislocated teeth after removing the braces.
  • Or the patient does not comply with the indicated maintenance jaw. This is the reason for a high proportion in the above re-deviation situation.

The dislocated teeth after removing the braces can be overcome?

For a good specialist doctor, overcoming this situation is not too difficult.

It will be based on each different cause to give appropriate treatment.

@ Considering the professional skills of the doctor, you should take precautions from the beginning. By choosing a dental center that has a doctor who specializes in the orthodontic field. Thus during the implementation process, the patient is always closely monitored; The doctor will promptly detect unwanted abnormal changes, and promptly respond to it.

@ In terms of wisdom teething; In fact, when you are seen and treated by a qualified doctor, the treatment regimen will always plan for these situations. During the eruption stage in which you need orthodontic, inclined wisdom teeth are usually required to be removed early.

@ If the teeth move out of the way due to incorrect use of the “maintenance jaw”; Then it is necessary to adjust this appropriately. Such as:

  • Need to wear continuously maintained jaw for 6 months – 12 months … (depending on the specific status of each person)
  • Wear time can be 24 hours or 8 hours a day.
  • Your doctor will assign you an appropriate schedule. And it’s very important to note: you must adhere to this schedule.
  • Remember to keep your teeth clean, and keep your maintained jaw clean every day. This will help minimize the risk of accumulating inflammatory plaque in the mouth.
Jaws maintained after braces help to keep teeth from being misaligned after removing the braces
Jaws maintained after braces help to keep teeth from being misaligned after removing the braces

Don’t lose your cow to build a cage – don’t let dislocated teeth after removing the braces for treatment.

  • Take a closer look at all the information about the service you are trying to perform.
  • Choose the right reputable dental center, and choose the right doctor with expertise. Orthodontics is a highly advanced subject, so not all dentists can do it.
  • Please follow the instructions of your doctor and cooperate actively, so that you will have the desired treatment results.

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