After extracting teeth need to keep off something? -

After extracting teeth need to keep off something?

Mới nhổ răng có kiêng cử gì không? After extracting teeth need to keep off something?

Hello doctor, I have just had an appointment for next 2 days to remove my wisdom teeth at your clinic, but I forgot to ask you after extracting teeth need to keep off something? Please advise me, so that I can prepare the spirit before, I very timid these cases. Thank you so much. (Ms. Hoang My – Vung tau)

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic – Thank you Ms. Hoang My for trusting and doing treatment in our clinic.

Our doctor will advise you some information for helping you feel more comfortable about the case after extracting teeth need to keep off something?

Tooth extraction is the removal of teeth from the jaw bone and creates a space there. And then the blood will clot, continue to grow bones fill the gap, the gums will heal and cover the missing teeth.

So, diet and how to take care of the wound quickly recover? We refer to the following:

  1. Appropriate diet:
  • Foods consumed in the body are important for recovery health.
  • You may be interested in the soft food group, which is rich in many nutrients such as: porridge (minced meat porridge, stewed bone porridge …), rice, soup, steamed or boiled vegetable (sweet potato, potato), eggs (egg rolls, boiled), soft cake but not sticky, yogurt fruit.
  • You can use the meat, however, must be processed so that the softest and the size of the meat must be chopped, minimizing the teeth to crush the food.
  • In addition, you can use fruit juices, milk…
After extracting teeth need to keep off something?

Note: The temperature of the food used by the person after extracting teeth should be kept warm, avoid overheating or too cold, because in the first 48 hours, the treatment area is very sensitive to external temperature factors.

  1. . After extracting teeth need to keep off something? The answer is “Yes”
  • In addition to the food should be used after the extraction teeth suggested above, you should avoid or limit the following foods:
  • Hot or spicy foods or drinks, because of the high temperature and strong spices, will stimulate the gingiva where the wound has not healed, which will make the pain worse, the wound will longer heal late.
  • Avoid foods that are easy to leave plaits or small particles, sticky, because they are easy to get to the open area and stay there for infection (eg crackers, biscuits, snacks…)
  • Avoid hard, sticky foods. They will cause your teeth to crush more, which in turn will affect the adjacent teeth. (distribution of uneven chewing force, chewing force increase for adjacent teeth)
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, avoid rinse salt water (in 48 hours after extraction tooth) or ice, because they make blood will bleed longer. This is not good for wound healing.
  1. Some things to keep in mind to make sure your teeth are safe

Besides the issue that Hoang My interested in after extracting teeth, need to keep off something what not to eat, oral hygiene is also worth paying attention to.

Usually after a week of tooth extraction, the wound will recover quickly if you know how to take good care.

  • After eating, you should rinse your mouth clean but avoid rubbing the injured gums. Use a soft bristle brush to gently brush the area 2 next to the missing teeth. If the wound is new, you can use a wet gauze to wipe it lightly.
  • Avoid spitting up because it will affect the new treatment zone, which may cause more discharge blood than usual.
  • If after extraction teeth, the anesthetic will usually dissolve for a few hours, however, if you suddenly experience severe pain or bleeding for more than 4 hours, have signs of inflammation, or you are tired and feverish. You should immediately return to the treatment clinic.

Currently, large clinics are equipped with tools and modern methods of extracting teeth, reduce the trauma, reduce inflammation. So to be safe, you should consult and choose for yourself a reputable clinic, supported by good counseling and care during treatment.

Attention to your health and your family is a great compliment. Thank you Hoang My for sharing the above question, helping more patients with sufficient information to prepare well for the extraction tooth. At the same time, after extracting teeth need to keep off some hard food and have the appropriate diet and sanitation oral will help the wound heal faster.

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