Is the forbidden teeth a wisdom tooth? -

Is the forbidden teeth a wisdom tooth?

Is the forbidden teeth a wisdom tooth?

Maybe, there are many people who call forbidden teeth is wisdom teeth. However, is this naming correct? Let’s find out below.

Which is the forbidden teeth?

In the permanent teeth, adults usually have 32 teeth divided equally between the upper and lower jaws. The teeth are divided into 4 different groups, namely:

  • Incisors: 4 teeth in the upper jaw and 4 teeth in the lower jaw (1st and 2nd teeth)
  • Canines: 2 teeth in the upper jaw, 2 teeth in the lower jaw (tooth number 3)
  • Premolars: 4 teeth in the upper jaw, 4 teeth in the lower jaw (teeth no.4 and 5)
  • Molars: 6 teeth in the upper and 6 teeth in the lower (tooth no.6, 7 and 8)

In which, forbidden teeth are the teeth of the molar group, which are teeth number 6 and 7. They have the largest size of all teeth, taking on the main role in chewing and crushing food.

Thus, if we grow enough teeth, there will be 8 forbidden teeth divided equally 4 – 4 for both upper and lower jaws.

4 forbidden teeth for each jaw
4 forbidden teeth for each jaw

Do you know the reason why people call them are forbidden teeth?

In the permanent teeth (32 teeth), there are 20 baby teeth that will be gradually replaced by 20 permanent teeth (8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars), and 12 molars (including 8 forbidden teeth) has only grown once, and has no replacement.

Thus, when the forbidden teeth is unfortunately lost at a young age, when the age of replacing teeth is over, you will be completely missing that tooth.

What is the shape of the forbidden teeth?

Similar to the structure of other teeth, this tooth also consists of 3 layers: enamel, dentin and the innermost pulp.

Particularly, the ruminant surface has a fairly large area, divided into many grooves, creating the tooth segments. The crown is large and the root is slightly curved.

The number of roots also varies in the upper and lower jaws:

  • The upper molars will usually have 3 legs, and the lower teeth will have 2 legs.
  • In some unusual cases, the number of roots can be reduced by 1or 2 legs.

To determine the correct number of roots, the dentist will need to take an X-ray of the mouth.

Number of roots of tooth groups
Number of roots of tooth groups

So, is the forbidden teeth a wisdom tooth?

Through the above information, you must have understood the importance of teeth number 6 and 7, and the reason why they are called forbidden teeth.

Meanwhile, wisdom teeth are the number 8 teeth, even though they are in the group of molars, and only grow once in a lifetime. But the role and function of wisdom teeth is not clear, and it is not important, so wisdom teeth will not be called forbidden teeth.

Check out some of the differences between forbidden teeth and wisdom teeth

Characteristics between forbidden teeth and wisdom teeth
Characteristics between forbidden teeth and wisdom teeth

Protecting the forbidden teeth is protecting the health of the whole body

Teeth no.6 and 7 play a key role in chewing.

Thus, when you lose this tooth, it will reduce your ability to chew, which affects the digestive system;

Because the food is not crushed well, it will make the stomach work harder to contract, reduce the absorption of nutrients …

When these teeth have disease, doctors often recommend that restoration treatment be prioritized in order to keep the forbidden teeth as much as possible. In the event that it needs to be removed, then there must be an immediate solution to replace and restore new teeth with dental Implant or porcelain bridges…

Although they play an important role, but they are very easy to damage.

Because it is located deep inside the oral cavity, it is more difficult to clean the teeth than the teeth located in the front.

@Therefore, you need to pay attention to protect them well by taking proper care of your teeth:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially before going to bed.
  • You should brush your teeth after eating for about 20 minutes to reduce the risk of plaque buildup, or erosion of tooth enamel.
  • In these innermost locations, flossing is essential, as the brush may not be able to thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies. Use dental floss to gently clean each tooth.
  • Use a brush with moderately soft bristles, brush up-and-down along the crown, not horizontally will cause gum recession. At the same time, the force on the teeth should not be too strong.
  • Limit eating sour foods or drinks with sugar or gas.

Some other important notes

You should combine dental care at home and regular dental visits at the dental clinic. This will help you detect early signs of damage, if any, and promptly handle them to avoid tooth loss.

Often, forbidden teeth often experience wear of the chewing surface, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, pulpitis … causing crown breakage, loose teeth and loss of teeth.

Prevention is better than cure, and treat damage as soon as possible to avoid harmful complications later.

Contact the dentist you trust immediately to make an appointment for a dental exam.



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