Tooth erosion - What you need to know! -

Tooth erosion – What you need to know!

Tooth erosion - What you need to know!

Tooth erosion is a condition in which tooth enamel is worn away by chemicals such as food acids. Enamel is considered as an armor layer that protects the inner tooth (including dentin, dental pulp). When this hard enamel layer is eroded, it will lead to tooth sensitivity and discomfort.

How do you know if you’re experiencing tooth erosion?

The obvious manifestation is the appearance of wear marks on the crown of the tooth. The biting edges and chewing face are also easily abraded.

From there, the inner dentin layer is exposed, dark yellow; Erosion teeth are easily irritated and cause sensitivity when eating or brushing teeth.

Erosion of teeth exposing dark yellow dentin
Erosion of teeth exposing dark yellow dentin

What causes tooth erosion?

@ The main cause is the acid in the food

Every time you eat or drink anything acidic, your enamel becomes softer for a short time; At the same time will lose some mineral components.

Normally, your saliva has the ability to neutralize and remove this acidic component in the mouth; Thereby creating a natural balance.

But if you constantly eat acidic foods, the attack on tooth enamel will take place often. And your oral cavity does not have time to balance itself, from which your teeth will gradually lose enamel.

@ In addition, a number of other factors also lead to tooth erosion

Vomiting solution from the stomach (due to overeating, weight pressure, drinking a lot of alcohol, etc.)

Symptoms of belching, gastroesophageal reflux.

More reference: “What are the reasons for tooth wear? Is it because of eating too much?”

How does the problem of eating affect the above situation?

Acidity in foods is measured by pH

Any food or drink with a pH lower than 5.5 is acidic, and can damage your enamel.

Typical examples: carbonated soft drinks, carbonated drinks, sour fruit juices, etc…

Thus, water is a neutral drink that is quite good for your teeth. And milk also has the ability to neutralize the acidity in foods quite well. However, after drinking milk, you still need to clean your teeth, because the sugar in milk can still ferment to form acid later.

Tooth erosion wears away the enamel layer
Tooth erosion wears away the enamel layer

What needs to be done to prevent tooth erosion?

  • Reduce the amount of acidic foods in your meals.
  • Drink quickly, limiting the long-term retention of soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks in the mouth. A straw can be used.
  • Ending the meal with a glass of milk will help neutralize the acid. Or dessert with water as soon as possible
  • Or you can use sugar-free gum after finishing your main meal. Chewing gum promotes saliva production and helps neutralize acids produced during meals.
  • Note: after eating, it is necessary to wait about 20-30 minutes before brushing. This helps your teeth return to balance, the mineral coating is no longer soft, so brushing will not wear away this layer.
  • Use a toothpaste with added fluoride, and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • For children over 3 years old, a toothpaste with age-appropriate fluoride content should be used.
  • In some special cases, your dentist may recommend using a fluoride mouthwash, or a fluoride solution applied every 6 months.

Does tooth erosion need treatment?

This condition does not always require treatment.

With regular dental check-ups every 6 months, your dentist will help you detect abnormalities and get the right treatment right away.

But if the damage progresses, there is still a solution by using a filling material to cover it to protect the damaged enamel layer. Or you can use porcelain veneer to cover.

So, through the information shared above, you probably know what to do to protect your teeth, right?

Take precautions from the beginning, don’t wait for “Water to your feet to jump”.

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