5 Misconception about braces that many people often mistakenly believe -

5 Misconception about braces that many people often mistakenly believe

5 Misconception about braces that many people often mistakenly believe

Orthodontic braces are a method of effectively treating deviations in the position and direction of tooth growth; Such as protruding teeth, underbite teeth, or staggered teeth. However, there are still many misconception about braces that many people often mistakenly believe. So let’s see what it is!

  1. The first misconception about braces: “Orthodontics is only for children”

During online counseling, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic still receives many questions such as:

“I’m older, can I have braces?”

Or “I’m 30 years old, so braces are still effective?”

Thus, in the current practice, we still have the misconception about braces is only for children. Please confirm, we can orthodontic treatment at any age as long as your teeth remain healthy.

Although this is a method that takes a lot of time to achieve satisfactory results. But it is the best method to preserve real teeth, but still correct your teeth. Giving high aesthetic and long-lasting effects.

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  1. During the process of braces, people are afraid of the smile won’t be beautiful

Everyone, when seeing the braces for the first time, always feel a bit strange. Someone who looks unfamiliar with the eyes will see strange, not beautiful teeth. So for those who are shy, they don’t want braces. However, just after 1 week, you will feel everything is normal. So the misconception about braces will have a bad smile is not correct.

Current braces not only have metal braces attached to the outside of the teeth. There are also ceramic braces, and brackets attached to the inside of the teeth. There is also an orthodontic method with trays throughout invisalign.

Brackets attached to the inside of the teeth
Brackets attached to the inside of the teeth

Invisalign tray can be removed when eating and cleaning. Transparent features will make it difficult for other people to identify you with braces. However, this method is only effective for mild cases, and the cost is quite high.

  1. Braces for beauty purposes only

For the deviations of teeth, there will be many serious consequences of function and pathology. Therefore, the goal of orthodontic braces is not only for beauty. Even more important is the standard bite correction, ensuring the best chewing ability. Then, a beautiful teeth – good chewing will be the final result you get.

  1. Braces that want fast results need strong traction.

This is the wrong thing about extremely serious braces.

Because teeth are in jaw bones, like trees grow in the soil. However, the tree can’t move, but the tooth can move in the bone. But the speed of movement and traction must be calculated very accurately.

There are many patients who want to have results quickly and ask to pull their teeth quickly. But you need to know if traction is too strong, not only is it painful, but it can also be counterproductive. Applying improper force will weaken teeth and may cause root bone loss.

Therefore, to shorten the braces time, you only need to follow the doctor’s instructions and re-check periodically according to the appointment.

  1. Braces will be very painful

During braces, some patients will only feel sensitivity in the first week when the traction begins. There are also people who have no problems during braces

So the advice for you is “when stick brackets, if you feel entangled and uncomfortable, you can apply dental wax”. Dental wax helps the lips, gums become accustomed to braces and you will no longer feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully through the information that Quoc Binh dental clinic has just shared, misconception about braces will no longer interfere with your psychology.

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