Do you believe that in our bodies, aging teeth are as well as skin and other parts? -

Do you believe that in our bodies, aging teeth are as well as skin and other parts?

Do you believe that in our bodies, aging teeth are as well as skin and other parts?

As you get older, apart from the problem of aging hair and skin, aging teeth are a concern. The most noticeable signs include yellowing teeth, teeth prone to be sensitive; Or chewing becomes more difficult…

In fact, our bodies age with time. And aging teeth are inevitable. However, depending on the location of each person, depending on the way of care, the health of the teeth will maintain good, or faster aging.

These signs indicate aging teeth

@Teeth stained

Surely you will be surprised to know that the enamel layer degrades will make the teeth’s surface was yellow stain. When entering the aging, enamel weakens, creating opportunities for colorants to penetrate. And then, instead of the strong white teeth, your teeth color will be darker than usual. It is easy to see especially in middle-aged people, natural tooth color is not as shiny as in youth.

@The strength of the teeth is reduced

When you are young, eating is easy. You can chew on hard and tough foods without any hesitation. But when you are a little older, you will see a significant change. The chewing weakens, teeth are more likely to swing. And when entering middle age, this sign is becoming more clear, making your life less interesting.

@Teeth more sensitive

The outer layer protects the tooth is the enamel layer. When tooth enamel is weakened, the protection also decreases. That is cause of internal layers such as dentin or dental pulp to be affected. In that, must include the dental pulp is a place containing many sensory nerves and blood vessels to nourish teeth. As the teeth age, they become more sensitive, especially when eating sweet, sour or too cold foods.

In addition to the above three obvious features, aging teeth also make you more susceptible to dental diseases

As people age, the gums often shrink and saliva is released less. This will create conditions for bacteria to attack easily, causing dental diseases such as tooth decay, bad breath … And if you don’t treat promptly, there is a risk of losing teeth.

So what causes of aging teeth??

Although age is always the reason for the aging of the body. But if you don’t know how to take care of it properly, aging will be faster and more severe. You may pay attention to the following main causes of fast aging teeth:

@ Poor oral hygiene

Improper brushing or lazy cleaning of teeth will facilitate plaque to appear. And this is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and destroy the structure of teeth.

You can see that many people have a habit of using brushes with too hard hair, and often brush strongly. This will increase the rate of weakening of tooth enamel. In addition, it makes the gums hurt, causing diseases such as gingivitis, swelling, root bleeding … more severe.

@ Diet unhealthy

Acidic, starchy, or very cold foods – or overheating can damage tooth enamel.

As the teeth show signs of aging, the more you load these foods, the faster the damage will be accelerated.

@ There is no routine dental checkup

We have for decades the life, the body grows and aging also silently and slowly. Therefore, if you don’t have the habit of checking your health, you won’t be able to control the actual situation. In oral control too, early cure will result in better results.

How to help the aging teeth process be not serious?

How to help the aging teeth process be not serious?

Aging teeth happen even when you know how to care. But if done right, this process will happen more slowly, and the results will be less harmful.

Things to do:

  • Brush at least 2 times a day, with toothpaste containing Fluoride,
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth.
  • Combine dental floss and mouthwash to remove bacteria in the oral better.
  • Minimize bad habits to quickly deteriorate teeth such as smoking, drinking carbonated water, eating lots of candy …
  • Dental examination is required every 6 months at reputable dental centers.

Thus although aging teeth are inevitable; But if you know how to take care of your teeth every day combining a reasonable diet. Aging teeth won’t be a worry anymore.

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