Saying painless braces have to say "lie"?? -

Saying painless braces have to say “lie”??

Saying painless braces have to say "lie"??

Actually, it is incorrect to say that the whole process of braces is not painful. But if you consider the time used to braces, it is true that painless braces are still recognized by many customers. So really how is this? Find out right here.

The purpose of braces is not merely aesthetic, correcting the discrepancy of the teeth also helps restore the standard functions of the teeth. And the time to treat these deviations is not the same as other methods. To be effective, orthodontic needs 12-24 months or longer. Therefore, the psychology of the customer is very concerned about how the painless braces or pain.

How is painless braces like?

The braces process is divided into several stages. At each stage, there will be different changes, sometimes it hurts a little, but sometimes it does not hurt at all.

The steps for a regular braces process are as follows:

  • Examination, take x-ray, analysis and do treatment planning.
  • Placing the elastic band between the teeth will become the pillar tooth.
  • Attach band around the pillar teeth.
  • Attach brackets to the tooth surface, attach the arch-wire …
  • Monitor and adjust tooth pulling force.
  • Complete, remove braces and wear maintenance jaw.

Particularly, the orthodontic extraction tooth step will need to be performed by someone or not.

The orthodontic process in general, does not cause strong or abrupt impact on the teeth. Orthodontics also does not damage true tooth tissue if done properly.

Thus, the sensation of pain and soreness will appear in certain stages, and in a very short time. Such as extractions before braces, or wearing elastic band to separate teeth.

Painless braces are in the stage of intercalation of elastic spandex or not?

The period of tooth intercalation of elastic spandex is required to perform between the molars (as a pillar) and adjacent teeth if the teeth are close together.

The thickness of this type of elastic about 2mm, inserted into the teeth. Maintenance time is only about 1 week. The purpose is to create a gap for the dentist to attach band to the molars.

This is considered the stage where customers with sensitive body find it most uncomfortable during braces. Because of the feeling of dull aching teeth when teeth are separated from each other. Although the pain is not much and only appears in the first few days; But for those of you who have a low tolerance for pain, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

However, this phenomenon is very normal and will quickly go away.

The period of tooth intercalation of elastic spandex can make you feel dull ache.
The period of tooth intercalation of elastic spandex can make you feel dull ache.

The stage of orthodontic preparation is not in the stage of painless braces.

When it comes to tooth extraction, many people feel pain even though they haven’t done anything. However, as you know, during the extraction you will get anesthesia, so you feel completely normal.

Only after the anesthetic dissolves, you will feel a slight ache in the gum. However, with ice or hot compresses and take prescription medications, you will soon reduce swelling, ease pain, and return to normal in 3-4 days.

Note: the number of teeth to be extracted for normal people (with people grow enough teeth), usually about 4 teeth. In addition, it is necessary to handle underground teeth, helping to clear the area of moving teeth.

In addition to the two main stages of feeling pain as above, in some of you will encounter a few minor pain situations

Painless braces will be the stage when the body begins to get used to the process of tooth changes. This is the most comfortable and longest period of the journey.

But before that, you will have some unexpected pain. For the very simple reason, your cheeks are not used to the arch-wire and brackets should feel bump and pain.

Or in the first week, when the arch-wire starts to move teeth, a dull pain sensation appears. However, this situation quickly disappears when you are familiar with them.

In some customers, they will experience minor pain when the doctor changes the pulling force each time the tooth is tightened.

The amount of pain is more or less in this time also depends on people. Because there are still patients who feel normal during braces.

But if you see persistent pain, and the severity of the pain increases, you need to be re-examined so that the orthodontist can adjust the force accordingly.

So, if someone says that painless braces, that’s the truth. Because with the exception of the initial brief period, most of the time after that your body will begin to feel familiar and feel no pain.

Need to prepare well and more information about the status of your own teeth will help you feel more confident and secure during treatment.

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