How long does the incisor braces take? -

How long does the incisor braces take?

In fact, you receive orthodontic braces often get used to the instrument very quickly. However, the customer’s concern about the time of the incisor braces is the whole course of treatment. With the advancement of technology nowadays, this time is significantly shortened; But still have to rely on several factors.

1. The initial deviation before incisor braces

This is the factor that influences the time of incisor braces that any counseling case should mention first.

There are many people who send pictures taken by phone and ask the dentist to consult online about the treatment time. However, the advice given to you is “need to see the specialist directly to get the best answer”

Because if you don’t have the expertise, you will see that the situations are the same, but why the other person is braces like this, and I am braces like that.

In fact, the degree of deviation and overall oral health status varies from person to person. Therefore, the initial preparation steps or the stages of treatment may be also different. Lead to braces time in general, or incisor braces in particular are also different.

For example, for some people with tooth decay, pulpitis or periodontitis, it is necessary to treat it before proceeding with braces. Or for situations that require extractions tooth to have a vacant position also takes a bit more time. These stages also cause patients to imagine the process of braces stretched out.

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2. The time of the incisor braces

@ Best braces age in particular from 12-16 years old, this is the stage where the jaw bone ready to complete. Therefore, the pulling of teeth or jaw adjustment will have more advantages.

For younger children, the orthodontic process is less likely to require tooth extraction. Orthodontics will be based on each stage of the child’s development that has the right technique.

But for adults, it will take more time and effort. Sometimes the movement of teeth, or jaw expansion will cause discomfort in the first time.

@ The specialization of the treating doctor.

This is a very important factor. Highly qualified and experienced doctors will know how to safely and effectively fix your teeth.

In addition, choosing the right tool for each medical condition also contributes to improving the effectiveness of treatment.

For example, using self-closing brackets will help reduce friction on the arch wire. Also helps the arch wire slide itself in the groove of the brackets. This will reduce the number of times meet the dentist for changing O string plastic … From 1 time for month will turn into 1 time on 3-4 months to be re-examined.

Not to mention that it helps reduce discomfort, pain relief, and easier moving of teeth to the desired location.

@ Diet that you need to pay attention when have incisor braces

In order to avoid the falling off of brackets, you should limit the bite of hard or chewy foods.

In addition, at the beginning time, you are not familiar with wearing instruments on your teeth, so shredding food will help you chew more easily.

3. Although the deviation is only 1-2 teeth, but for high orthodontic effect, then you need to apply all the teeth.

Thus, the incisor braces time can be from 1 year to 2 years, there are complex cases may take up to 3 years. And the most accurate information only when you are check-up by a specialist.

How long does the incisor braces take?
How long does the incisor braces take?

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