Is incisors braces difficult? -

Is incisors braces difficult?

Is incisors braces difficult?

Aesthetic teeth area is the incisors. This is also the area that affects your pronunciation. Thus, if there is a problem with the incisors, you need to fix it immediately. In orthodontic solutions, incisors braces will help you to safely fix the deviations in the teeth.

Incisors braces help to solve problems in the incisors and adjacent areas.

The most noticeable signs of incisors are the sparser teeth, overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, etc.

These deviations are not only less graceful, but most damaging to the chewing function.

So the incisors braces solution will help you solve this deviation in a safe and effective way.

Is incisors braces difficult?
Is incisors braces difficult?

Is incisors braces difficult?

Many customers when consulting online want to know exactly how long to perform incisors braces and how difficult it is. However, you need to visit directly by a qualified doctor to have the best answer.

Because the status of each customer is different, no one is alike; So in order to give a standard assessment, you need to take X-ray films and conduct actual surveys. After the doctor has the initial examination results, from there will plan treatment appropriate to your condition.

So, you don’t need to worry, because no matter how your teeth go wrong, there will be appropriate treatment. From there, the time of incisors braces will depend on the degree of deviation more or less initially.

Incisors braces how to be effective?

Incisors braces are not just a few teeth that need correction, but also need to edit the link with all teeth. For some customers, they have strict aesthetic requirements even during treatment. Therefore, in orthodontic technology today, there are more choices for patients.

For example, you can choose orthodontics have brackets or not brackets. Or braces the front or the inside of the teeth. And for each technique that matches the right instrument, you’ll get the corresponding final result in the appropriate amount of time.

Is incisors braces difficult?
Is incisors braces difficult?

Let’s refer to some methods of incisors braces that are currently applied:

@ Metal braces: use metal brackets instruments. Composition components include: arch-wire fixed in the brace groove; And dedicated dental elastics ligature helps keep the arch-wire in the right position. Since then, the process of moving teeth slowly takes place and brings about the expected effect.

@ Porcelain braces: using ceramic brackets, with the same color as real teeth to increase the aesthetics. This is the method of aesthetics braces that many people prefer. Because safety does not cause irritation, and the natural color does not attract the attention of the opposite person.

@ Braces with transparent tray: don’t use brackets, but use transparent orthodontic tray. This is also the most modern method of braces today. You absolutely will not be discovered by others that you are adjusting your teeth. You can wear the jaw, or not wear the orthodontic jaw from time to time. Therefore, to apply this technique, patients need to be diligent in following the doctor’s instructions every day.

Note: with braces, you can choose to attach braces on the outside of the teeth, or attach the inside of the teeth (lingual braces)

Factors that affect the time of incisors braces

We can estimate the time of braces depends on many factors as follows

  • The initial condition of the teeth is difficult or easy to treat. Are there any secondary pathologies? For example, if you are suffering from gingivitis, periodontal … then need to finish treatment before orthodontic treatment.
  • The age of braces has a great influence on orthodontic time. Because the complete development of the body and jaw bone will slow down the process of moving teeth. Therefore, the ideal age for orthodontics is 12-16 years old.
  • Skills of the doctor performing the treatment. Highly qualified doctors will always know how to safely and effectively move your teeth. Because your doctor will know which technique is best suited for your condition. In addition, the application of advanced techniques will help shorten the treatment time by about 6 months compared to the previous method.
  • The patient’s own care regime. Take good care, eat sensible food, it will not take time to sprung bracket or equipment damage.

So, incisors braces are difficult or easy, how long it will take depends on many factors. You need to be examined and consulted directly with a qualified doctor to find the method that is best suited for you.

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