How to relieve pain from braces effectively? -

How to relieve pain from braces effectively?

How to relieve pain from braces effectively?

Painless braces are real. However, in some people, or depending on the stage, the person may feel a little uncomfortable. So how to relieve pain from braces effectively?

Relieve pain from braces need to note a few things.

Determine the cause of the pain and deal with it depending on the situation.

  • For example, if you brace need to extract teeth. The period of tooth extraction (first 2-3 days) will cause you have a little pain.
  • Or during the process of moving your teeth, you may feel pain with a degree of more or less depending on the force of pulling teeth.
  • Or during the period of attaching brackets, you may experience pain from braces or arch-wires rubbing and causing pain in the cheek lips.

Thus, knowing the cause of pain will easily relieve pain from braces effectively.

Relieve pain from braces in case of need to be extracted tooth

This is a typical tooth extraction situation. Before and during the extraction, you will not feel any pain as the doctor will give you anesthetic injection.

However, after the extraction is done, to reduce swelling and pain in the extracted tooth area, you’ll usually use ice applied outside the cheek area corresponding to the extraction site. Each application may be 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day, 30-60 minutes apart. Apply cold compress only for the first 1-2 days.

After 2 days, you can apply warm water to help gradually dissolve the bruising. And about 3-5 days after tooth extraction, you will feel normal again. And after 1 week, the gum area healed.

In addition, to relieve pain from braces quickly, the doctor will combine with prescription medication to help relieve pain, anti-inflammatory effectively.

Relieve pain from braces in the situation of brackets or arch-wires hook on the cheek causing mouth sores.

They are often in the cases of the protruding teeth or large jaw; Or the patient has a habit of using the tongue to rub strange spots on the teeth.

The rubbing of braces or the tip of the arch-wire easily causes ulceration of the oral mucosa on the contact. However, these ulcers will quickly recover when well isolated from rubbing agents.

So how handle to relieve pain from braces in this situation?

Usually doctors use dental wax to cover the area causing rubbing. Thus limiting ulcers in the oral mucosa.

In addition, to reduce soreness when the cheeks have been scratched, you can rinse your mouth with physiological saline. Just help to kill bacteria, help heal quickly.

Relieve pain from braces wherever you are by eating sensibly

In the process of braces, if you suddenly have unusual tooth pain, you should contact the doctor who is treating you for examination and treatment promptly.

In addition, in daily activities, you still have a small secret to help relieve pain from braces are very effective. That is eating right food.

  • Should eat soft food, easy to chew. In the beginning, you are not familiar with braces, you can cut up the food to make it easier to chew.
  • Do not bite or chew hard foods or tough, because this will cause to unbent brackets, and pain.

Braces are a perfect solution to help you have regular teeth, high aesthetic. A good smile will help you feel more confident in life.

And also note, the best time for braces is between the ages of 13 and 16. This is the least painful period of orthodontic treatment and fastest.

Should choose orthodontic dental center reputation, with a professional physician, experience and good technology. This will help you limit risk and increase efficiency.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic is currently a highly trusted orthodontic treatment center in Ba Ria – Vung Tau area. With a team of highly qualified doctors, continuously improved training from foreign doctors, will bring you peace of mind – comfort – efficiency in orthodontic treatment.

How to relieve pain from braces effectively?
How to relieve pain from braces effectively?


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