What to do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing? -

What to do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing?

What to do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing?

If you haven’t arrived at the time of wisdom teeth growing, you won’t know how uncomfortable it is. So, what should to do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing which is always much sought after by you.

In previous articles, doctors told us that wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow. Specifically, they will appear in the period from 16 to 25 years old, but there are still people over 40 years of age haven’t seen wisdom teeth.

And the most common feeling when growing these teeth is pain, anorexia and fatigue. Therefore, what to do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing will be revealed soon.

1.What to avoid when wisdom teeth growing?

Tips to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing need to remember

@ Avoiding touching teething areas

Of course, when you are teething, you will find the gums sore, itching, and numbness very uncomfortable. But absolutely don’t use tools or sanitary equipment every day to poke into that area. Because the risks of bleeding and inflammation are very likely to occur.

@ Don’t eat or drink foods that contribute to the likelihood of gingivitis. Such as:

Sweet candies, carbonated soft drinks … because if not cleaned right away, they will be an environment that helps bacteria grow quickly.

You should also not use foods that are too cold or too hot suddenly. Because that change in temperature may increase sensitivity in the area of ​​teething.

Nor should you eat foods that are tough or too hard. Because then the teeth have to work harder to process. Doing so will put the risk of damage to the gum area covering the wisdom teeth, which can cause bleeding.

@ Important thing to help to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing is not using stimulants (beer, wine, cigarettes)

Because during the teething process, the gum cover the wisdom teeth will often swell. Increased sensitivity, easy to bleed, easily inflamed. So if you use stimulants inadvertently increase the complications of dental health.

2.What should I do to help to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing?

You need to increase the following activities to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing:

@ Eating scientifically, full nutrition

  • Eat soft-liquid foods. Because not only easy to chew but also easy to absorb nutrients
  • You should supplement diet with vegetables – fruits. Providing water, fiber and vitamins C, E, K, D, calcium … Helps increase resistance, reduce fever, and reduce aches and pains.
  • Can add snacks outside the main meal such as smoothies, juices, milk … improve nutrition.

@ Maintain oral hygiene

Do you know that using saline solution to rinse your mouth will help disinfect your mouth well? This solution also helps to clear bacteria from the gums surrounding the teething area.

Suggestions: should be salted for 60 seconds. And then can rinse with water.

  • Should drink plenty of water, balance saliva also helps protect the oral cavity safely.
  • Dental floss should be used to clean teeth.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth at least 2 times/ day.

3.Check-up and treat at reputable dental centers

Teething wisdom isn’t like other teeth. Because this tooth is big, it’s easy to grow incorrectly, affecting tooth No. 7

When teeth begin to grow, it causes an impact on the area of ​​the gum that surrounds the wisdom tooth, making you feel more uncomfortable. You will experience soreness, mild fever and anorexia for the entire week.

For customers whose wisdom teeth cause complications, they often experience discomfort many times. Therefore, when you start showing signs of teething, you should go to the dentist immediately for a specific examination.

This will help detect and control the process of teething safely. At the same time handling of deviations, avoiding causing more serious complications.

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You already know what to avoid and what should you do to reduce pain quickly when wisdom teeth growing. So perseverance and compliance will help to ease any discomfort. Not only that also limits the dangerous complications to the maximum.

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