What should to do when the broken teeth that still have roots? -

What should to do when the broken teeth that still have roots?

What should to do when the broken teeth that still have roots?

The broken teeth that still have roots not only lose the function of the teeth; but if not treated in time will also affect the health of the mouth. In this case, what should we do?

Can do the new teeth when the broken teeth that still have roots?

There are many causes of broken tooth that still have roots, most notably by accident or fall. Some cases of severe decay teeth also lose the crown.

As soon as the situation is broken teeth, patients need to go to the dentist for medical examination and treatment in time.

The ability to do new teeth is entirely possible. Let’s take a look at some measures to help restore broken teeth that still have roots.

  1. Doing porcelain crowns when the broken teeth that still have roots

In the case of broken teeth but not cracked longitudinal, is still good, the doctor can still proceed with porcelain crowns.

Note: The remaining tissue above the root can be reconstructed as a post to cover the crown.


  • Help restore the aesthetics of broken teeth, and restore functional chewing function.
  • Preserving the true teeth root, helps keep the bone intact.
  • Doesn’t affect neighboring teeth.
  1. Dental implants

In the case of the broken teeth that still have roots, but after the examination and assessment of tooth roots are much hurt. There are many cracks of root on the X-ray film. The only solution is to remove the broken root, and replace it with dental implant.

This method is considered the best for the case of complete recovery of missing teeth. The new tooth is like a real tooth.

In normal cases, after root extraction, wait 2-3 months until the alveolar bone (where tooth loss) is stable. Then we will do implants. However, with advanced technology, patients can be implanted right after the extraction.

What should to do when the broken teeth that still have roots?
What should to do when the broken teeth that still have roots?

Note: Dental implants immediately after tooth extraction depends on the health status and quality of each patient’s jaw bone.

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@ Advantages:

  • Highly effective, long lasting.
  • Chewing are as healthy as real teeth.
  • Great aesthetic.
  • Completely prevent bone loss.
  1. Making porcelain bridges for broken teeth that still have roots:

This method can be applied when the broken teeth that still have roots but the root aren’t strong enough to make a single porcelain tooth. The root can be removed, but not implanted into that space.

The method of making porcelain bridges needs to grind some of the adjacent teeth to make a support for the porcelain bridges.

This is a new way of growing new teeth at a lower cost than implants. However, the effect can’t be as good as transplant. It is not possible to keep the bone intact after a period of lost teeth.

@ Advantages:

  • Fine aesthetics
  • Restore the chewing function of lost teeth.
  • Cost is consistent with those who are still concerned about the new dental restoration payments.

So, with the broken teeth that still have roots, we don’t need to worry too much because there are appropriate recovery solutions.

Aesthetic and functional issues are addressed quickly and effectively.

However, please also pay attention to an important issue. When the tooth is broken, patients shouldn’t be subjective but need to visit the prestigious clinic. The doctor will help you timely prevent the complications of tooth fracture such as pulp inflammation, tooth abscess … At the same time reduce the impact on neighboring teeth.

Early recovery of lost teeth also helps you avoid the phenomenon of tooth displacement, and keep the youth on your face.

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