The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown. -

The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown.

The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown

If you don’t know anything about the risk of making cheap dental porcelain crown; Take a few minutes to share this lesson to better understand what the dentist rarely confides in the patient. Content was compiled from the Quoc Binh Dental Clinic in Vung Tau City.

The first question arises: Are you exchange your health?

Everyday, we use food, medicine, necessities … to serve the needs of life. A practical problem that you must also recognize; As society grows, the need for better human lives increases. Therefore, the quality of every product created today is in the direction of enhancing value. And depending on the specific needs of each person that will give the product line accordingly.

However, according to the objective evaluation “A GOOD QUALITY product CAN NOT BE CHEAP – A CHEAP PRICE CAN NOT REQUIRE HIGH QUALITY”, always reasonable.

Typical in making porcelain crown. You can find many types of dental porcelain products available in the market. However, if you analyze carefully, you will realize that “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”

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“Răng sứ uy tín tại Vũng Tàu”

The market will have the main types of porcelain crown as follows:

Metallic porcelain crown (metal or Titanium alloy ribs, porcelain on the outside)

Full porcelain crown (zirconia porcelain rib and porcelain on the outside)

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cheap dental porcelain crown is associated with brevity, easy to cause gingivitis, and short usage time. High cost dental porcelain is more durable, longer in use and less likely to cause oral health problems.

Depending on the ability of each customer to choose the product that best suits.

Cheap dental porcelain crown can be understood in two ways:

The quality of dental porcelain is not high so the price is cheap.

Service quality, technical performance is not standard, so cheap.

So the risk of having cheap dental porcelain crown will come from many factors..

@ Grinding teeth very much

By the old method, when coated porcelain crown, your real crown will be grinding very much. However, the rate of grinding depends on the condition of the tooth is damaged, or the teeth is intact.

The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown
The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown

For the high quality dental porcelain, porcelain crown is lightweight, thin and durable than many times the real teeth. Therefore, the rate of tooth grinding is also reduced. And when grinding less will preserve your true tooth tissue at the highest level.

It is important to note that the dental grinding procedure is a technique performed by a doctor. If the doctor has a lot of experience, good expertise, this process will rarely cause the complications of broken teeth, dental pulp inflammation.

@ Gingivitis in the area of cheap dental porcelain crown

Gingivitis is very common in patients who choose cheap dental porcelain crown. Gingivitis affects the longevity of them.

Gingivitis causes swelling, bleeding, the risk of periodontal disease, inflammation around the teeth, bone loss in the real root…

Often metal porcelain or porcelain crown with Titanium alloy but cheap price, will be very easy to irritate the gums. This contributes to the penetration of bacteria and causes more serious gum inflammation.

The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown
The risk may occur when making cheap dental porcelain crown

In addition to the above problems, patients also complain about the difficult thing to say when making cheap dental porcelain crown. It is bad breath after a period of use.

As you know, usually customers choose porcelain crown to restore damaged teeth,…

But if they don’t perform the treatment in prestigious dentistry, it is very easy to experience complications during treatment. As the technique of grinding teeth is not standard, the technique of copping mold is not accurate, and the teeth don’t fit closely. These lead to open contact between the teeth and porcelain crown. When there are excess plaque left over in open, plus not properly sanitized, causes bad breath.

In addition, the material used to make porcelain crown is not good, they will be changed after a period of use, also causes tooth opening.

Some people do dental porcelain crown cause sensitive and aches, so is this normal?

This happens when you encounter the following situations:

Teeth grinding too much or grinding is not technically correct. The rate of grinding depends on the actual condition of your teeth. Prior to the procedure, the doctor must examine and decide how to grind.

If your teeth are severely damaged, you must grind a lot, and your teeth will get hurt and sensitive, which is obvious. However, there are also situations where the teeth grinding technique is bad, causing tooth irritations, and tooth pulp..

Use of temporary crown is not appropriate, or don’t attach temporary crown. After the teeth are grinded, dentin will be exposed, so that the teeth are sensitive to external effects easily lead to the sensitivity.

The use of adhesive materials doesn’t guarantee quality. The glue between the porcelain crown and the real teeth is very important. If have a good quality, don’t change over time, it helps to connect sustainably and doesn’t affect the real teeth.

In short, any matter that is directly related to oral health, we need to be cautious and choose the best product. Having good health, both help improve aesthetics and increase confidence in life.

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