When is the dental implant appropriate? -

When is the dental implant appropriate?

When is the dental implant approriate?

In recent years, we have received many inquiries to support customers’ answers, revolving around the need to restore the new tooth instead of the missing teeth. Quoc Binh Dental Clinic presented a case study of Mr. Tuan Nguyen on 27 October, asking the online doctor to answer when is the dental implant appropriate? for your case as follows.

“Hello, you give an advice urgently help me please. Two days ago, I had an accident, broke two front teeth, still had roots, bleeding a lot. When I came home, I rinse with salt water and took pain medication from the hospital delivered. But I heard my friend advised to spit always to make dental implant. So at my case, do I make dentures right now? Or when is the dental implant appropriate? Thank you “- Tuan Nguyen (Vung Tau)

First, Quoc Binh Dental Clinic thank you for your trust and dental consultation on your problem. We would like to share your question publicly; So that everyone will know more information about when is the dental implant appropriate.

As some of the content we wrote in our previous sharing, the problem of restoring a new tooth is no longer a problem at present. You lose your teeth and really care about your dental health is very good.

We all know that when a tooth loses (including the root of the tooth), the next development will definitely be the problem of bone loss in the area of ​​missing teeth. And bone loss is the cause of many of the consequences behind it such as moving teeth, displacement, rotating teeth, wrong bite … make the condition of your teeth deteriorate aesthetically and function.

Therefore, after extracting the teeth (for any reason), planting another tooth (dental implants) is a problem to do as soon as possible. However, when the transplant is most appropriate, the doctor should check the status first and consider before proceeding with the transplant.

And there will be some good times for planting new teeth (was lost) as follows:

  • Place the implant immediately after removing the damaged tooth (this is the immediate stage)
  • Implant placement after 1-3 months after tooth loss (relatively stable period)
  • Implant placement after 6 months or more (this is a late stage)

Some important notes that the patient may refer to further interact well with the treating doctor about when is the dental implant appropriate

Implant placement time depends quite a lot on the “health” of the bone area of ​​the missing tooth.

1. Implant teeth immediately after the extraction of teeth only when the bone and gum are healthy, intact, not infected.

Acting at this time minimizes the number of surgical interventions for you. But the disadvantage is that the results may be slightly different compared to original wishes.

For example: According to the natural mechanism of the human, with have just had tooth extraction, even if you have a transplant immediately, then there is still a piece of bone or gums go down a little. This will reveal the difference of the new tooth that looks longer than the real teeth.

And if you analyze in depth, in terms of transplant location, this method is favorable for the incisors, because the teeth have only one leg so the gap in the alveolus of tooth is not much. With other areas of the tooth that will require a surgeon to have more experience to perform some additional ancillary techniques, the new result is called success.

Therefore, the implementation technique from the tooth extraction reducest to wound the alveolus bone; To the preparation of the implant placement gap, to fit close to the implant. Predicting the developmental trend of bone and gums after transplantation, actually requires the doctor’s skills to be high.

2. In case the area of tooth loss is hurt or inflamed, then you must wait from 1 to 3 months for complete treatment.

After the gum tissue regeneration covering the area of tooth loss, the bone is more stable, then proceed to make dental implant will be convenient and optimal. If you need more bone in the bone loss area, then is also more successful, because the gums have developed well, covering the entire bone graft. The volume of bone graft is not too much because of bone loss is not alarming.

3. Implant placement after 6 months or more since the loss of teeth.

At this stage there will be many problems arising. In part because of the bone loss status, partly due to the movement of the teeth to the affected area if during that time; Do not use any preventive measure.

In summary, when is the dental implant appropriate? Depends on factors such as general health of the patient (cardiovascular, lifestyle, oral health, etc.); Alveolus bone status at missing teeth area, the position of the tooth implanted, the quality of implants. And the ability of the patient to integrate with implant, the technique or the expertise of the treating physician. Ensuring the success of the transplant can’t come from one side, but there must be a complementary interaction between the doctor and the patient.

Quoc Binh Dental Clinic with more than 20 years of experience in the field of dental treatment. Our team of doctors is very proud to provide customers with the best quality of treatment. All counseling will serve the patient’s own interests, open treatment plan and detailed on a case-by-case basis.

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