Can people with diabetes have dental implants? -

Can people with diabetes have dental implants?

Can people with diabetes have dental implants?

People with diabetes or opportunistic infections, therefore, will have some limited procedures in this subject. So can people with diabetes have dental implants? Listen to the sharing of expert doctors.

To know the possibility that can people with diabetes have dental implants, we need to know what is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition with blood sugar levels higher than normal. This is caused by your body’s deficiency or insulin resistance, which leads to a disorder of the metabolism of sugars.

Diabetes has 2 forms:

  • Type 1: The cause of the disease is a deficiency of insulin (glucose metabolism hormone). This form is rare.
  • Type 2: The cause of the disease due to the body’s resistance to insulin. The body still produces insulin, but it cannot convert glucose into energy. Most patients now suffer from this type of disease.

Diabetes increases the risk of developing infections or sores, poor circulation. At the same time also adversely affects the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, eyes …

So can people with diabetes have dental implants? Questions that need to be answered.

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Can people with diabetes have dental implants?
Can people with diabetes have dental implants?

How does diabetes affect the process of dental implants?

The method of implanting Titanium cylinder into the jaw bone helps patients recover the lost tooth. This is the most safety and effective solution currently, being widely applied worldwide.

Implant is drilled and attached directly to the jaw bone. After the Implant develops stably, integrates well with the jaw bone, the gums cover well, the ceramic crown will be fixed to the top. Then you will have a new strong tooth.

Thus, in the process of dental implants, dentists need to incise gums and drill bone. Blood may bleed more or less depending on the person.

For normal people, surgery does not cause bad effects. However, for people with diabetes, surgery and transplanting “foreign objects” into the jawbone cause many problems. Such as: bleeding much, the body is easily infected, wound recover slowly, Implant is eliminated, …

In addition, people with diabetes often experience dental problems such as periodontal disease or gingivitis. This is also the reason why dental implants have problems.

So can people with diabetes have dental implants?

The official answer to this special customer is: possible transplant.

However, in order to receive an Implant, the patient needs to meet a number of doctor requirements.

  • Firstly, it is necessary to have a general examination of the oral condition, X-ray / CT Conebeam scan, evaluate the bone density and the condition at the position of the dental implant.
  • Biochemical indicators should be tested to accurately assess diabetes at the time of transplantation.

For patients with diabetes well controlled and stable conditions, the chances of getting dental implants are over 90%.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), blood sugar levels that are considered safe for most people with diabetes are

  • Fasting blood sugar: 90-130mg / dl (5.0mmol / l – 7.2mmol / l)
  • Blood sugar after eating 2 hours: under 180mg / dl (10mmol / l)
  • Blood sugar before bed: 110mg / dl (6.0mmol / l – 8.3mmol / l)

Thus, if the patient meets the above criteria, the dental implant will have the same results as the normal person.

It should be noted, patients with diabetes who want a dental implant should be performed at a reputable dental center. There are specialists and advanced equipment to help control the treatment process.

At the same time, need to rest and relax for a comfortable mood during treatment.

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