Is dental calculus as harmless as you think? -

Is dental calculus as harmless as you think?

Is tartar as harmless as you think?

The dental calculus is the plaque that you usually see in the teeth or the root; It is ivory white or dark yellow. There are many people who are not interested in tartar on their teeth. So the dental calculus is harmless or not? Let’s find out together.

Surely, you often hear oral experts give advice: “Should go to the dentist & clean your teeth every 6 months”. So, what harm does tartar have to eliminate regularly?

Removing dental calculus regularly helps protect your teeth and proactively prevents disease.

Tartar appears to be the accumulation of long-standing plaque on teeth. This plaque is produced by daily chewing. The leftover food pieces that have not been thoroughly cleaned will remain and become solid for a long time.

Is tartar as harmless as you think?
Is dental calculus as harmless as you think?

Dental calculus causes a lot of harmful problems for oral health. It is not as harmless as you think it is.

  • First, they are the culprit causing the bad smell in your mouth. Why is that? Because they are home to thousands of bacteria. During development, reproduction, bacteria will release compounds that have a foul odor. And if you find that your mouth is suddenly light and fragrant after tartar removal is enough to understand why.
  • The more serious harm of dental calculus is gum disease. The simple reason is that bacteria living in the plaque will inflame the surrounding gum area.
  • In addition, when tartar accumulates, they cause gum recession.
  • Not stopping there, poor oral hygiene leads to high tartar accumulation also causes periodontitis. The symptoms are noticeable such as red swollen gingivitis, easy bleeding, purulent discharge, jaw bone resorption, loose teeth and the worst consequence is tooth loss.

So whether or not tartar is harmless, the answer is obvious.

How to prevent and treat dental calculus effectively?

@ The first advice when you want to prevent tartar is always about daily oral hygiene.

  • You should adhere to brush your teeth at least 2 times / day, and each time about 2-3 minutes. Combined use of dental floss and mouthwash. So initially cleaned up some of the risk of tartar.
  • Another small note, to be safe and prevent bacteria from accumulating, you should change your toothbrush every 3 months, or after a serious illness.
  • Practice the habit of going to the dentist every 6 months. Just examine the oral condition, clean the teeth in places where the brush can’t clean. This will help eliminate most bacteria that cause more serious illnesses.
Removing tartar regularly helps protect your teeth
Removing dental calculus regularly helps protect your teeth

@When you have dental calculus, no matter how much, it needs to be remove. You should perform in clinics with adequate equipment will help the process of treatment faster and easier.

  • Remove dental calculus helps you avoid gingivitis, periodontitis, avoid stubborn plaque so teeth will be whiter. In addition, it helps to keep the breath fresh and clean.

Let’s protect our health by the simplest actions.

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